Genevieve Vieira
2 minute read
18 Mar 2015
2:00 pm

Relive the Ballade vir ‘n Enkeling nostalgia

Genevieve Vieira

The iconic eighties TV series, Ballade vir 'n Enkeling is back, only this time, on the big screen and in one succinct feature film. Though a challenging task, all 13 episodes have been turned into a two-hour movie and done well.

Jacques Bessenger as Jan-Paul Senior. Picture: Supplied

It seems most people have some or other memory of the show, whether it is the music, a fondness for former lead actor Gavin van der Berg or knowing someone who used to watch it. And those who did, did so religiously.

Fatima de Canha said: “I remember running home from school and turning up the radio to listen to the show. It was a weekly routine in our household and we never missed an episode”.

Though she admits plot details are hazy, there’s a sense of excitement that comes with the mention of the title and now viewers have the opportunity to relive that nostalgia. Producers have taken a fresh approach to the legendary story, adding a contemporary element that will attract new viewers without compromising the essence of the story.

Armand Aucamp confidently takes the reins as Jacques Rynhard, immediately likable and equally charming. For those less familiar with the narrative, the story centres on a well-liked author and his sudden and mysterious disappearance.

LEFT BEHIND. Rolanda Marais as Lena Senior and Jacques Bessenger as Jan-Paul Senior. Picture: Supplied

LEFT BEHIND. Rolanda Marais as Lena Senior and Jacques Bessenger as Jan-Paul Senior. Picture: Supplied

Donnalee Roberts plays the diligent and prying journalist, Carina Human, who won’t let up until she gets to the bottom of it, and becomes infatuated with this person she doesn’t know.

She says, “The film really keeps people on the edges of their seats and to think we shot the entire film in six weeks is incredible.”

She continues, “I really had to dissect the script and make sure I understood the piecing together of the puzzle. With each clue, I had to ask myself ‘Do all these things make sense to me?’ Knowing the character inside out was the only way I could relay the story to my viewers. If I couldn’t make sense of the story, then how could I expect my audience to?”

Though seemingly different from the characters she normally plays, Roberts admits she enjoyed the variation and says it’s one she can far more easily relate to. Roberts explains, “Carina is hardworking and focused on her career, which is exactly where I find myself at this stage of my life. I am currently juggling a bunch of different tasks, trying to give each project the focus it deserves.”

A firm believer that local films are the way forward, Roberts says, “If you want to see stories being told in our country, you should support local filmmaking even if it isn’t your cup of tea”.

Ballade vir ‘n Enkeling was written by Leon van Nierop and produced by Danie Bester of The Film Factory with cinematographer Tom Marais.