Leon van Nierop
1 minute read
4 Jul 2015
8:00 am

Two Days, One Night movie review

Leon van Nierop

A working-class woman, a tour de force performance by the brilliant Marion Cotillard, discovers that most of her co-workers at the company she's working at have turned against her.

SAD AND REJECTED. Fabrizio Rongione as Manu and Marion Cotillard as Sandra.

After taking leave of absence due to depression, this mother of two discovers her employer has left her colleagues an impossible choice. They have to choose between their bonuses and the woman’s position in the company. Seeing that it functioned without her for so many weeks, perhaps the company can get rid of her?

This means if she keeps her position, her colleagues lose their bonuses. Many of the workers desperately need their bonuses and rely on it to keep their head above water. What now? The woman then has a weekend to convince her co-workers to forego their bonuses so she can keep her job. In the course of two days and one night she lays bare her soul and begs, pleads, threatens and cries. She does everything to convince her co-workers.

In the process all kinds of human frailties and problems are exposed. The plight of the ordinary working classes is laid bare as the woman goes on a road through the deepest realms of hell in order to keep her post. This mesmerising and enchanting film will keep you glued to the screen and again proves Miss Cotillard is one of the finest Oscar-winning actresses of her generation.

A question: how would you have handled this situation?