Vhahangwele Nemakonde
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7 Sep 2015
12:26 pm

Beautiful cultural integration on Our Perfect Wedding

Vhahangwele Nemakonde

On Sunday’s episode of Our Perfect Wedding, we met Bathabile, 30, and Dhiren, 26.

What was interesting about this couple was the age and cultural difference they managed to work through.

Dhiren is younger than Bathabile, and he’s an Indian Hindu. Not very ideal for a Zulu girl from KwaZulu-Natal, right? Bathabile’s mother was not keen on having an Indian son-in-law, neither was Dhiren’s family keen on having a Zulu in-law.

The couple was aware of this, it led to their break up a year after dating because Bathabile thought about their future as a couple.

Love, like pain, demands to be felt. I also read The Fault in our Stars, you know that line came from the book. The couple broke up for four months, Bathabile said those were “the most miserable four months” of her life as you can’t just dismiss love like that.

Coming to the wedding:

Last night’s wedding was a breath of fresh air, something different, and it came together well.

To whoever will accompany me to my dress fitting, probably my sisters, the reaction, Bathabile got from her mother and maid of honour when she walked out of the fitting room is forbidden.

There was an awkward silent moment, she didn’t know if her dress was that beautiful or hideous. But, we all know it was pretty, not SIMPLE, but beautiful.

Picture: OPWMzansi

Picture: OPWMzansi

I think Dhiren is not a good friend, did he tell his friend that he would be on TV? I guess Les came straight from work. He even asked if he had to wear the tie because he’s just not used to wearing formal.

What was the colour theme of the white wedding? Whatever it was, it came together well, it was gorgeous.

Picture: OPWMzansi

Picture: OPWMzansi

Coming to the cake tasting. The maid of honour was there obviously, Aya then asked her how the cake was and she said she didn’t know because she was not experienced? South Africa is an interesting country, you need experience for everything, including commenting on the taste of a cake.

In the end, the cake came out beautiful, the baker did her job well.

Picture: OPWMzansi

Picture: OPWMzansi

I didn’t think it was possible, but Bathabile overslept on her wedding day. Do brides even sleep at all the night before?

Am I the only one who thought the tears just after the couple’s kiss was strange? I think Bathabile’s mother was still in denial that her daughter was getting married. Everyone just started crying. Tears of joy maybe?

Then came the traditional wedding:

The Hindu wedding was just gorgeous. Indians are one of the few cultural groups who still practise their rituals. The first ritual was the purification of all pre-marital sins. I loved the idea behind it; most marriages fail because of the luggage they enter marriage with, and it gets unbearable. That’s just my opinion.

Picture: OPWMzansi

Picture: OPWMzansi

Bathabile’s Hindu attire was just beautiful and it suited her body perfectly well. The Mehndi was just beautiful.

I thought that was a perfect wedding, what did you think?

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