Leon van Nierop
1 minute read
18 Sep 2015
2:00 pm

We Are Your Friends review (trailer)

Leon van Nierop

I know what you're thinking. Zac Efron, the shirtless one who always plays the part of tiresome, chauvinist and arrogant characters who party all night, are proud of being called dope heads, bed every girl that casts a shadow, down several shooters per minute and utter cool, with-it words.

Well, in this film you might find some of those characteristics under the super-jelled look, yet the ripped one with the six-pack and come-to-bed eyes has matured. He finally got a part that doesn’t just rely on his good looks and gym physique –Parkland being the other film that proved he can act.

In We Are Your Friends, he plays the part of a DJ who tries to create his own special sound and expresses himself through music. With his three best buddies, he sails through life effortlessly but, once he gets involved in real estate, realises how corrupt and cruel the world can be.

The film is about his journey to adulthood through several minefields as he tries to realise his dreams – themes that have often been explored before, but this time with charm, integrity and coolness. While most people often boast that they will only see the film once it is released on DVD – please be advised that you have to experience this one in the cinema.

The sound is awesome, the cinematography good and the film effortlessly moves from one unique, intoxicating song to the next. So this one is recommended, even for readers who aren’t that much into popular music. The editing is as smooth as a music video, although the film never deteriorates into one. It follows all four characters’ journeys thoroughly and finally zooms in on Efron’s.

The acting is of a high standard and the film isn’t quite as tiresome and crass as it appears from the poster. Once you give yourself over to its charms – and you have to learn to stop fighting its intoxicating allure, especially if you’re over 30 – it may just convince you.