Michelle Loewenstein
1 minute read
29 Sep 2015
2:51 pm

Noah delivers a slick performance

Michelle Loewenstein

A special screening of Trevor Noah's first appearance as host of The Daily Show was held at Rosebank Mall today.

The show aired in America last night, and will be shown on South African TV screens tonight at 9pm.

Guests at the event were treated to cupcakes with Noah’s face on them – a fitting snack for #TrevorDay.

Cheers erupted in the cinema when Noah first appeared, showing that the comedian is clearly SA’s favourite export at the moment.

Noah had a firm grasp on American politics and slipped easily into John Stewart’s role. The media gathered at Rosebank seemed to enjoy the show, laughing at Noah’s witty comments and jokes.

Noah had obviously rehearsed his routine and delivered every line perfectly. Therein probably lies the only critique I’d have – his lines were sometimes a little stiff and over-prepared, and his natural charisma wasn’t given a chance to shine.

However, it was his first show. With time, this journo is sure he’ll be his charming self again and will win over the Yanks the way he won over his local fans.