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‘7de Laan’ in plagiarism scandal (videos)

SABC's Afrikaans soap '7de Laan' is facing heat after it has become apparent that they allegedly plagiarised a scene from an episode of the hit American sitcom 'Friends'

The soap reportedly lifted a scene from ‘Friends’ where they discuss baby names.

Wednesday evening’s episode of 7de Laan on SABC2 contains a scene between characters Vanessa and Xander which shocking close echoes the 8th season episode of Friends entitled “The One Where Chandler Takes a Bath”, TV with Thinus reports.

In ‘Friends’ Ross and Rachel sits and suggest baby names and come up with the possible names of Sandrine and Rain.

In a mirror image of the show, ‘7de Laan’ actors Vanessa and Xander sit and suggest baby names and in turn come up with the same possibilities in a similar scene discussing baby names.

The wording, set up and how the scene plays out is also reportedly exactly duplicated from the American show, all without crediting the show

The episode of ‘7de Laan’ reportedly credits Maritha Broschk with the script at the beginning and in the end-credits Linda Scheepers as head writer.

It is however, reportedly not clear which writers are responsible for the now explosive scene.

Here is the scene from 7de Laan:

Now compare it to the scene from Friends:

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