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5 Oct 2015
11:03 am

Cyanda’s dirty plate experience on Date My Family

Citizen Report

Sunday night's episode of Date My Family was an entertaining eye-opener for many South Africans.

Cyanda Goodlove wowed many on Twitter with his behaviour on Date My Family. Picture: Twitter

Firstly, the person said to be looking for love was a a gay man. If memory serves correctly, this was the first episode ever on the show that has helped a gay person looking for love. Cyanda Goodlove presented himself as a hard-working artist manager who has been single for three years and is looking for love in the city of gold.

He stated throughout the show that he is from Newcastle in KwaZulu-Natal. Each and every family he shared a meal with was entertaining. Cyanda was very outspoken about what he wanted, how he wanted his potential partner to look and did not hold back when he was dissatisfied. When dissatisfied, he spoke out about dusty plates, how he doesn’t eat chilli food, not wanting to pray and his insistence on having a glass of wine whenever he ate.

Most of the family members were diplomatic about their reactions but some voiced his apparent rudeness. Cyanda continued to say that he did not come to Joburg to have a potential lover who stays in the township. He criticised where two of the potential dates stayed and seemed to not be impressed altogether.

The person he picked to go on a date with was a gym instructor who, according to Cyanda had a pot belly, and he let him know he was not impressed with that. At the end of the show, he had memorised a potential lover’s phone number on the palm of his hand.

As per usual, Twitter was the venting place for all and sundry. Here is what it had to say about Cyanda and his mannerisms.