Adriaan Roets
1 minute read
9 Nov 2015
3:03 pm

Ex Idols contestant gets emergency surgery

Adriaan Roets

As as result she won't be able to take part in this year's Sleeping Beauty.

If you’ve been driving on any of Johannesburg’s major roads the last few months you’ve no doubt seen Candida Mosoma smiling at you from a billboard or poster to advertise Janice Honeyman’s latest pantomime Sleeping Beauty at the Joburg Theatre.

Mosoma was cast as fairy godmother Fairy Floradora Daisy in Sleeping Beauty. The roles follows her starring role in Sister Act earlier this year.

Previously, Mosoma was a contestant on season 8 of Idols.

Mosoma was pulled from the production last week after weeks of practise to become the fairy godmother in Sleeping Beauty, when she
underwent an emergency operation on November 3. Mosoma has been replaced with
Maryanne van Eyseen who learned the role overnight before the first preview performance of the show last week.

Van Eyseen’s move to the top billing role of fairy Godmother also led to the addition of theatre starlet Carmen Pretorius to the cast of Sleeping Beauty.
Carmen was last on the stage at Joburg Theatre playing the title role of Cinderella in Janice Honeyman’s 2011 pantomime.

Sleeping Beauty is on at The Mandela at the Joburg Theatre complex until December 30.