Adriaan Roets
2 minute read
13 Nov 2015
2:50 pm

Tonight Cassper speaks

Adriaan Roets

Nyovest only asked that his diss song to AKA Dust to Dust be excluded from the list of questions.

There’s a big hoopla around tonight’s Behind the Story TV event on MTV Base. It’s not just because the music documentary will explore the world of
Cassper Nyovest, it promises insight into a living legend who has been noted for being incredibly media shy.

While the gossip mills churn out fodder on Nyovest, and many of his music rivals, he remains someone who is hard to track down for in-depth

Tonight’s documentary allows unrivaled access to him. Channel head at MTV and MTV Base in Africa Tim Horwood gave the scoop on what tonight’s documentary is really about.

First off, Nyovest had the opportunity before the production commenced to say if there was anything he would prefer not to discuss during his time with Behind the Story host Sizwe Dhlomo. Horwood says Nyovest only asked that his diss song to AKA Dust to Dust be excluded from the list of questions and discussions that will be featured later today.

“He made it clear he doesn’t want to dwell on it, he’s moved on from it,” Horwood says.

Earlier this year Behind the Story with AKA, AKA asked that his love life remains off topic.

“But everyone is aware that the show goes into details not spoken about during regular interviews. We have been involved with so many artists from the beginning of their careers that there’s trust that we won’t make is sensationalist, there’s that trust.”

The beef between AKA and Nyovest will be one of the topics discussed, although his most recent success #FillUpTheDome will be a cornerstone of the documentary.

It was filmed a few days after 31 October when Nyovest managed to sell 20 000 tickets to his show at the Ticketpro Dome, something unheard of for
a local artist.

Nyovest will open up about his new-found influence and what he hopes to achieve with it.

The documentary airs at 5pm. MTV Base have partnered with eTV, which means a wider audience will have access to the show. The show will be broadcast at a later date on eTV.