Vhahangwele Nemakonde
Digital Journalist
2 minute read
28 Jan 2016
3:59 pm

Jukebox Thursday: Five best TshiVenda gospel songs

Vhahangwele Nemakonde

Lufuno Dagada is breaking boundaries in TshiVenda gospel music.

The arrangement of songs, back-up singers and the sound quality has been beautiful. A few weeks ago a friend of mine forgot Rofhiwa Manyaga’s live recorded DVD in my laptop. I have not yet told her about it, we guess she’ll find out where her beloved DVD is after reading this. I wanted to give it back to her, but then I thought, let me watch it first and then decide whether to give it back to her. Obviously, she never got it back. She will buy another DVD, after all, you can’t give someone a ‘gift’ and take it back.

Rofhiwa’s DVD was recorded live at CWC Maniini just before Mpho Regalo’s untimely death, he was featured along with Taki.

I have not stopped singing this man’s songs since. The man is gifted, he sings. The back-up singers were also top notch; featuring his wife who also sings beautifully, was just a bonus.

And then, while scrolling down my Facebook reading what crazy things people got up to over the weekend, I came across a link someone posted, praising Lufuno Dagada’s latest album, specifically talking about Mishumo ya Tshilidzi ( The works of grace). I gave it a try, I don’t think I will get over this song.

These are just a few songs I listened to recently, the list is endless.

To celebrate the people who have taken TshiVenda gospel music to another level, in this week’s Jukebox Thursday we give you the five best songs you must listen to, and of course, you either buy the CD, DVD or both.

  1. Lufuno Dagada > Mishumo ya Tshilidzi

2. Rofhiwa Manyaga ft CWC Choir > Ndo fulufhela kha Yehova (My hope is in God)

3. The late Mpho Regalo> Vha Mudzimu wanga (He is my God)

4. Lufuno Dagada > Thendo na Vhugala (Glory and Praises unto God)

5.  Worship House > Kha Vha Rendwe (Praise Him)

Which other songs do you think should have made it to the list? Let us know in the comments below.