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Genevieve Vieira
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15 Jan 2014
6:00 am

Simply stylish

Genevieve Vieira

They say true beauty comes from within and Lira (real name Lerato Molapo) is a living testimony to this. But it's been a journey of self-discovery that was necessary in order for her to be able to accept herself and be comfortable in her own skin

AFRICAN PRIDE. Lira, dressed up and ready for the spotlight. Pictures: Supplied.

From the beginning of her singing career, Molapo has guarded her private life, keeping the world of Lira and Lerato separate. Now, celebrating 10 years in the music business, Molapo has released an autobiography, Making Herstory, in which she shares her secrets and makes herself vulnerable.

The book chronicles Molapo’s rise to stardom, with an in-depth look at her personal thoughts, feelings and beliefs. Looking back at her first album, All My Love, which was noticeably different in style and presentation to her more recent material, Molapo indicates she had no real involvement in the construction of her image at the time.

South African artist Lira. Image supplied

South African artist Lira. Image supplied


She recorded the album with Arthur Mafokate at 999 Music and had a hit on radio, but soon found herself at a dead end. Her plans were not going according to plan and she was apprehensive about the direction she was taking. This led her to make the decision to regain full control – of her music and of herself in general.

“I was running towards my goals at full speed and needed to just take a moment, pause and reflect,” she says.

“I made the decision then and there to always be authentic, and promised myself I would never play the pop game. I didn’t want to use my body to sell my music. If I was to be successful, I would do it with integrity.”

By trusting that her honesty would not put her at risk, Molapo has gained the respect of fans all over the world.

“Deciding to perform with my natural hair was the best decision I ever made,” she says, highlighting a detail that many may not even have noticed.

“You know, dark skinned woman are usually seen as less pretty, but I never really wanted to be the conventional beauty. I do things my own way and believe that I’m my own kind of beautiful.”


Writing the book was not only a means to reach her fans on a personal level for Molapo, but a cathartic process in itself. One that helped her to better understand herself and refine her character.

“I’ve achieved a lot in my time and certainly grown as a performer, all of which has helped me financially, but most importantly it has come with emotional and spiritual rewards,” Molapo explains.

“I have never felt more fulfilled with who I am than I do today.”