Vhahangwele Nemakonde
Digital Journalist
3 minute read
1 Jun 2016
12:16 pm

Trap music tastes like ink – HHP

Vhahangwele Nemakonde

He added that he was not about the Cassper and AKA bullsh*t, but would 'moer' anyone who said bad things about him.

Hip Hop Pantsula. Picture: Supplied

Hip Hop Pantsula (HHP), real name Jabulani Tsambo, expressed his hate for trap music in an interview with The African Hip Hop Blog last week.

He spoke of a woman he once met who had “a gift of tasting music”, telling him she could not stand certain songs because they tasted like ink.  “I relate because for me man, trap music, I literally cannot stand it, not because of how it sounds, I love the music, I hate the content man, they just talk about the same thing man, bit*hes, champagne, cars that we all know you can’t f***en afford.”

He also talked about youngsters who were disrespectful by boasting about the endorsement deals they had made and claiming they were better than the musicians that came before them, saying he would never do that because no matter how their careers turned out, the older musicians formed part of the “fabric” of who he was.

“So for a youngster to say ‘f*ck all these OGs, I don’t give a damn about the fact that I’ve known you all my life, f*ck all that you represent’, I hate these youngsters, I hate these disrespectful youngsters.”

HHP also issued a stern warning to the “disrespectful” youngsters who liked to say bad things about him. He said he did not entertain beef in his life and instead of doing what Cassper and AKA do, he prefered to fight it out.

“Don’t f***en say somebody’s name unless you’re saying some dope sh*t about them, otherwise rea go mora rona.”

Though he has criticised people for saying he has a beef with Cassper Nyovest, we could not help but think the “disrespectful youth” he was referring to was Cassper. Earlier this year, HHP took to Instagram to express how “he does not relate to Cassper’s lifestyle anymore” and sarcastically hailed him as the “Alpha and Omega” of the music game.

He made the comments after Cassper allegedly threw shots at the Alpha and Omega (OGs) of the game, saying no one came close to him as a musician.

“Bowing down to your success my KING @casspernyovest. You truly are the BEST. You’ve said in some interviews numerous times that nobody comes close to you and what you’ve achieved. You are right. You are the Alpha & Omega of the music game. Rago leboga the best. #JuiceBackRemixput things into perspective,” he wrote.

HHP said all this in the studio while smoking something that appeared to have been dagga. This after revealing in an interview with DJ Sabby on YFM that he had tried to commit suicide three times, actions that his parents suggested were a result of his dagga-smoking habit.

Speaking in Setswana, he said: “I told them my grandfather has been smoking dagga for a while and he’s fine, so you people must leave me alone.”

He said he started smoking dagga in 1999, but now people saw him smoking in public and said he was losing his mind.