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15 Jul 2016
9:31 am

I prefer Kwesta to Cassper, AKA put together – Ntsiki Mazwai

Citizen Reporter

The poet thinks South Africans have mistaken rappers' confidence for talent.

Artist and activist Ntsiki Mazwai. Picture: Refilwe Modise

We know Ntsiki Mazwai as very passionate about her poetry work and often talking about originality, always encouraging fans to create original content and stop copying from the Americans. Ntsiki is one of the people who were not impressed with Cassper Nyovest’s interview on Sway In The Morning when he told the Americans that he wanted to be them. Among other things, Cassper said he had always been influenced by American culture and somehow felt like America was his home – comments that left Ntsiki upset.

Fresh from performing Ntsiki Speaks at the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown, Ntsiki felt the need to educate her fans about the importance of originality.

Ntsiki says some South African rappers are not talented but are just confident, qualities she says fans have failed to distinguish between. She also spoke about sampling, not really against it, but said if a rapper felt the need to borrow another rapper’s lines then maybe they’re not a rapper, as “imitation is not art”.

“In South Africa…..a LOT of the time CONFIDENCE gets called TALENT…….and this happens in the mainstream kakhulu,” she said.

She then gave an example of AKA, who has sampled before, and said she does not know if she thinks rap is his strength. “I think he is carried a lot by his confidence and boldness,” in response to a follower who said AKA made good music, despite his personality that some don’t seem to like.

“I prefer Kwesta to both Cassper and AKA put together…….by faaaaaar! Kwesta can rap! hahahahahahahahaha,” Ntsiki tweeted.

She then went on to accuse “this generation of rappers” who she says brought cocaine to the South African stage: “We see you”, she wrote.

Coincidentally, among other things, AKA yesterday tweeted: “I think people say unnecessarily mean sh*t to me on Twitter in the hope that I will reply and validate their existence”.

Read some of Ntsiki’s tweets: