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Fundiswa Nkwanyana
1 minute read
20 Aug 2016
2:00 pm

Generations star Thando Thabethe is #takingbackherpower

Fundiswa Nkwanyana

She’s more than just an actress, radio and TV presenter; Thando Thabethe is also an activist who empowers young women through the Thando Thabethe Women’s Day Netball Challenge.

Thando Thabethe is the presenter of 1s and 2s. Picture: Supplied

We recently caught up with her at this month’s challenge to chat a little about her activism and her #TakeBackYourPower campaign.

1.What is the objective of the Thando Thabethe Women’s Day Netball Challenge?

I started this initiative as a way to restore girl power while celebrating the massive strides that women have taken. My aim is to empower young women such as myself to stand together and fight against daily challenges.

2. What are some of the challenges that you face on a daily basis?

I have to be assertive and fight to be taken seriously. Sexism and tribalism are some of the many battles I fight every day. We live in a society where people feel the need to order us around.

3. Why did you choose the “Take Back Your Power” theme?

This theme is very personal to me. I want to speak to the hearts and minds of women by having frank conversations around the issues we have, and ways to overcome them.

4. As we commemorate Women’s Month, what traits do you share with the women that marched in 1956?

I’m inspired by the women who took to the streets and stood up for what they believed in. Today, I have an initiative that stands up for young women, simply because I draw strength from the those women.

5. What do you celebrate about being a woman?

I celebrate myself in so many ways. However, celebrating each others as women is the most important festivity we can make.

6. What is your motto?

There is nothing that I can’t do.

This article first appeared on Bona Magazine.