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Tshepiso Makhele
1 minute read
24 Aug 2016
1:18 pm

AKA and Bonang’s first date: All the details

Tshepiso Makhele

Bonang ‘Queen B’Matheba and AKA finally explain how they got to be Mzansi’s It-couple.

AKA and Bonang share an intimate moment. Image via Instagram.

While people thought the relationship wasn’t planned and the two just happened to fall for each another, that is not the case. By the sound of things AKA, or rather Kiernan, as Queen-B prefers to call him, planned the whole thing, meaning that him cheating on his baby-mama Dj Zinhle was, in fact, intentional.

The power couple revealed all in an interview with You magazine, with AKA explaining Bonang was a very, very expensive date.

He pursued me for a long time. And he is such a romantic.

Queen B on the other hand took time to explain the romantic atmosphere AKA created to win her over, regardless of being another woman’s man at that point in time. “He pursued me for a long time. And he is such a romantic, quite a spoiler, so there was lots sand lots of flowers and balloons and lots of dinners,” Matheba said.

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Despite Matheba being known as one of the celebrities that earns enough to take other people to school, it’s a sure thing that many women wouldn’t mind being spoiled every now and then by a lover hoping to catch their heart.

With the pair now being a couple, and DJ Zinhle left to pick up some pieces of her hope of a loving future with AKA, it’s safe to say the romantic date, and all those balloons, worked.