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15 Sep 2016
11:13 pm

Twitter slams ‘jealous’ AKA for ‘throwing shade at DJ Zinhle’ 

Citizen Reporter

AKA posted a picture that has left fans with no choice but to believe he is jealous of his baby mama's new relationship.

AKA on Twitter.

Kiernan “AKA” Forbes has yet again found himself on the wrong side of all his baby mama’s fans for what DJ Zinhle’s admirers call his “immaturity”.

While promoting his T-shirts for his Supa Mega Show set to take place in Cape Town this weekend, AKA posted a picture of the shirts, along with the arm of a fan wearing a gold watch.

Tweeps immediately made the connection to pictures DJ Zinhle had recently been posting of her new man.

DJ Zinhle's post.

DJ Zinhle’s post.

Zinhle’s fans jumped to her defence, calling AKA “immature”and “jealous”, saying it was childish of him to throw shade at her when he was the one who had left her.

They say he’s just being jealous because he thought she would not find a man after “he left her”.

“I can pretty much conclude that you were her BIGGEST mistake in life. Focus on your career instead of shading ppl! How’s that,” one user tweeted. 

One user said AKA had an “empty mind” for not knowing that dads were like cars or shoes; “you can have a new one if you like”, commenting on “Kairo’s new rich dad”.

AKA, however, did not take the insults lying down; he retaliated, telling them he was not going to keep quiet and let them say personal things to him like he was not human.

“This isn’t TV. open your mouth about me or my child and you need to be prepared to take your ugly baby pictures off social media.”

DJ Zinhle’s fans were still not backing down, even after AKA threatened to hit back.

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These are some of the comments:

“He’s hurting AF probably thought Zee will never find a man who will love her better than he did.”

“This guy wants his show to be sold out so he is looking for strategies damn.”

“Always on Zinhles business. Kubhlungu, uzophola.”

“U ARE SO F**KEN CHILDISH & WEAK!!! Picking fights with women easy but u go silent with men. GROW up before Kairo supersedes u!”