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9 May 2017
2:39 pm

WATCH: Norma Gigaba speaks on cheating scandal that threatened her marriage

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In a three-part interview she filmed for TV, Norma Gigaba has given the public an insider's view into her high-profile life.

Malusi Gigaba and Norma Mngoma. Picture: Instagram

Almost two years ago, a New York-based stylist began revealing details of her surreptitious affair with Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba.

She fed details of their affair, which happened as recently as a few weeks before Malusi’s wedding to Norma, to local gossip websites. Buhle Mkhize produced text messages and email correspondence between herself and Malusi as well as his wife, proving that she and the minister had been seeing each other for a year.

“By the end of July, he’d started sending me private messages that were very basic at first but quickly graduated to flirting. The messages were flattering but uncomfortable. I am married and had had a relationship with a public figure in the past and hated what comes with it, so this wasn’t the route I wanted to take even if I was single,” Mkhize said.

The stylist has since reconciled with her husband and explained that she was also given R300 000 in cash with a further R500 000 set to be delivered to her doorstep by intelligence services to secure her silence.

In an interview with eNCA, Norma said it was a tough period for her family. She has two sons with Malusi, who was previously married. She also spoke out on comments that because she apparently cheated with Malusi on his first wife, this was her karma.

“When it came, I felt so bad for our parents more than us … because me and him are like buddies. I was feeling so bad for my mother and his mother. When they were going to church, people were reading Drum Magazine, they were reading papers, and now we have to explain.”

Malusi’s father was a priest, and Norma said that added extra pressure on their family. Both their fathers had passed on, and their parents were in the process of coping with their passing.

“The angle that it came with, it made me stronger. If I had caught Malusi doing something than I wouldn’t even be sitting here today. But everything was delivered to me. I am an analyst, so I want to know what your intentions are of you telling me this. So what do you want me to do especially since my marriage is so new,” said Norma.

Watch the rest of the interview below from eNCA


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