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Bernice Maune
2 minute read
22 Aug 2017
10:24 am

Criselda faces being fired from SABC over comments ‘defending’ Manana

Bernice Maune

The Metro FM radio host has already been relieved of her duties as an ambassador by The Higher Education and Training HIV/Aids (HEAIDS) programme.

EDUCATOR. Criselda Kananda is the new ambassador of the annual Fezile Dabi HIV/Aids Benefit Concert. Picture: Valentina Nicol

Criselda Dudumashe’s comments over Mduduzi Manana have led to her being investigated by her employer, the SABC.

Criselda first made comments about Manana on her Instagram page, writing about how she had known him personally and worked with him on government projects aimed at educating the youth about societal problems.

“This is a person I have traveled with countrywide to the most rural of villages providing socio-support to students with various issues from HIV infection, substance abuse, GENDER BASED VIOLENCE, etc. I have seen him interact with the most vulnerable students, seen him personally getting involved to seek accommodation, pay fees, help with access to ARV’s and Condoms in institutions of higher learning.

“I know a Mdu who has dedicated his life to developing those who are on the margins through his drive and passion for youth development. I remember conversations where he would say, ‘young people should be prepared at an early age for the role to lead society for their own future prospects.’”

Her comments also sparked a social media furor, with people on Twitter stating she was defending a man who, despite being educated and seeming like a good person, was an abuser nonetheless.

Criselda’s comments have led to the SABC establishing an inquiry against her, with spokesperson Kaiser Kganyago telling The Sowetan it was an internal matter.

Criselda told the newspaper that people wanted the public broadcaster to suspend her and that the matter had been taken too far.

The HEAIDS programme had announced yesterday that she was no longer their ambassador after comments she made at University of Venda about the LGBTI community.

“During the HEAIDS Sexual and Gender Based Violence Dialogue at the University of Venda, Ms Criselda Kananda Dudumashe made comments that were hurtful to the transgender community. We are highly disappointed by these remarks,” the organisation said.

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