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Yasmeen Sewnarain
1 minute read
27 Sep 2017
2:24 pm

Social media pokes fun at Zodwa Wabantu’s swimming skills

Yasmeen Sewnarain

The risqué entertainer became the butt of the joke after sharing a video of herself swimming naked.

Zodwa Wabantu is the personality associated with the dance trend.

Zodwa Wabantu posted a video of herself skinny dipping in a swimming pool, and social media users have been fired up since.

The post was captioned: “Freedom is knowing kuyafana (all the same) Do you. Don’t suffer from bazothini abantu (what will people say) Naked pool. Naked truth. Zodwa Wabantu.”

While many users commended the dancer for being so bold and praised her confidence, others were quick to point out her swimming skills or lack thereof.

Some people suggested Zodwa needed swimming lessons, and one Twitter user even said she reinforced the persistent stereotype that black people can’t swim.

These were some of the comments on social media:

“I just wanna know were those swimming skills come from…”

“Guys Zodwa can’t swim she almost drowned on that video.”

“Can I hook you up with free swimming lessons tu mama.”

“Fact zodwa cant swim.”

“Zodwa waBantu just proved that black people can’t swim.”