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10 Aug 2013
11:06 am

Simon Cowell rents luxury apartment for lover

Simon Cowell will spend $20,000 a month on an apartment in New York for his pregnant lover, Lauren Silverman.

Simon Cowell. Image courtesy Alison Martin (Wikimedia commons).

Simon Cowell will spend $20,000 a month on a luxury apartment for his pregnant lover.
The 53-year-old music mogul is renting a three-bedroom property for Lauren Silverman in New York as she works out her messy divorce from Andrew Silverman, who was a close friend of Simon’s, according to MailOnline.
While Lauren will move in to one of Simon’s mansions in Beverly Hills, she will need a home in New York, as she works out the custody arrangements over her seven-year-old son Adam.
Meanwhile, it has been claimed Andrew suspected Simon was having an affair with his wife, which may have began as early as 2009.
A friend close to the estranged couple revealed Andrew would listen as Lauren spent hours ”flirting” on the phone to ‘The X Factor’ boss, but he failed to believe they would actually sleep together.
The casino owner previously released a statement claiming all he cares about in the drama is his son and ”protecting” him from the scandal, but sources close to Lauren believe Andrew – who filed for divorce three weeks ago – is kicking up a big fuss as he wants to spend longer in the spotlight.
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