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23 Oct 2017
11:56 am

Nomzamo Mbatha’s clapback to a choreographer divides Twitter

Citizen Reporter

While some say there is nothing wrong with her response, others say it shows she's not the humble girl she claims to be.

Nomzamo Mbatha. Image courtesy of Facebook

Actor Nomzamo Mbatha served a hot clapback to a Twitter troll who recently commented on her dress, and now social media users are divided. While some say the clapback was fitting, others say it was too harsh and classist.

Nomzamo on Sunday posted a picture of herself in a latex number with the caption: “Don’t look down.”

While everyone commented on how “perfect” Nomzamo was, one choreographer saw it fit to comment negatively on the dress, but it did not end well for them.

“You’re still wearing this dress from 2015. Nee gerl. Imagine I saw her with that same dress at some after party in Durban and on a few other occasions. Sies. That time it’s latex,” said the choreographer.

While Nomzamo said the dress was a new one, as the one the choreographer was talking about had busted, she told them “to stick to dancing and leave the customs duty paying to mama”.

“This trolling thing has to have rules… 1. Know your Tax bracket,” she said in a tweet that divided social media users.

Most, such as actor Rami Chuene, found it funny, but some said it was too harsh.

Chuene said she was laughing “in IRP5”, a comment that left most in stitches.

Her fans said the clapback was fitting as the choreographer’s aim was to embarrass Nomzamo.

“My 2cents: Shaming someone for repeating an outfit is a jab at their financial status. The tax bracket clapback is appropriate. Condemning just the clapback is ukunya,” said one.

Others, who felt that the comment was too harsh, asked if Nomzamo was suggesting that people with little or no money were not allowed to troll people with money.

Nomzamo, however, still defended herself, saying the comment was directed at one individual and that it was said in jest.

“Also, tweets must be taken into context. Now we can’t address ‘trolls’ at the level they choose to jab? It’s not fun anymore ke,” she said.