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24 Oct 2017
1:11 pm

WATCH: Simphiwe Dana talks about terrible car accident she had while pregnant

Citizen Reporter

Singer and songwriter Simphiwe Dana recalled a tragic accident that happened back in 2005 when she was eight months pregnant.

Speaking to Trending SA, Simphiwe remembered how she had a delayed reaction to the incident. The shock, including the realisation that she could have lost her unborn son at the time, only hit her later.

“[I] thank God he’s very much alive. I was eight months pregnant with my son, but he’s very much alive.”

She later gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Phalo.

“At the scene of the accident, I remember I was very calm. As much as I was holding my face together, I was the one who was checking if the ambulance had been called, calling my band and telling them what had happened and asking them to turn back because we were on our way to the show,” she told the panel.

Simphiwe continued to say the accident happened while she was on her way to a gig in Vereeniging, and it left a scar on her face that took her years to embrace.

“I can’t imagine not having the scar that has added character to my face,” she said.

The singer added she drew strength from her music. At the moment, she is working with DJ Black Coffee on new music.

Watch the video below: