Lily Rose
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25 Oct 2017
11:15 am

Queen Twerk denies hooking up with Migos rapper

Lily Rose

Faith ‘Queen Twerk’ Nketsi sets the record straight about what happened between her and Migos rapper Offset.

The dancer made headlines a few days ago, after Cardi B briefly dumped the rapper while he was on tour in South Africa.

The split reports came just a few days after Queen Twerk shared a video of herself meeting Offset at an airport.

Social media users went wild over the video, and tagged Cardi B in their posts – warning her that her relationship was in trouble.

But Offset and the Bodak Yellow hitmaker’s break-up was a brief one. Cardi B and her man kissed and made up within hours.

“So listen babes ,I exaggerated alil bit earlier cause I was really upset and the Bronx girl in me always have to go to the extreme.I came to my senses now.Im sorry … (sic),” she posted after announcing she was single.

Now Queen Twerk is having her say. She took to Instagram stories to reveal what really happened when she met Offset.

“I was at the airport and I saw Offset, as a “FAN” I asked him for a picture/snap. Why was I trending for that? Why are people saying I slept with him? Why can I not take a picture with a talented artist? I don’t get it!! (sic),” she said.

Queen Twerk accused those who claimed she slept with the rapper of being bullies, adding that she has a man.

“I’m in a very, very, very, very happy relationship and I was with my man the WHOLE weekend.”

For those who thought Queen Twerk’s backstage appearance at Migos’ concert was organised by Offset, think again.

She says she is a big fan of the group, and she can afford to get herself anywhere she desires.

“For your concern, I was not there with or for Offset. I was there for the Migos concert with my friend,” Queen Twerk said.

We hear you, Queen Twerk! The Twitter FBI can now move on to their next investigation. This case is closed!

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