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29 Oct 2017
1:21 pm

‘Wafeba, ngeke aphinde amthole’ – Babes claps back at Mampintsha’s ex

Citizen Reporter

Babes Wodumo has staked her claim on Mampintsha after a pic on social media alluding to a new artist's failed romance with Mampintsha surfaced.

Babes Wodumo and Mampintsha. Image: Instagram

A video of TDK, a new artist signed by DJ Cndo was uploaded on social media.

In the video TDK falls during a performance and her wig falls off. People commented on the image with some speaking of how TDK was Mampintsha’s ex-girlfriend.

This prompted Babes to comment as well. She said: “Wafebe ngeke aphinde amthole. Akhahlale phantsi usis (She had her chance, but ruined it by being unfaithful. She’ll never get him back,” said Babes.

TDK clapped back, saying Babes was a fan of hers and suggested that she had slept her way into the industry.

“You need prayers personally and, besides, your 40-year old man has sugar. I wonder how you deal with his belly and what’s under it, knowing its function is inefficient…”

“Do yourself a favour, go back home, focus on yourself, your brand and school and build your own empire,” said TDK.

Mampintsha said the story was hurtful and Babes wouldn’t not comment on it.

Babes Wodumo’s booty pic sets social media alight

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