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12 Nov 2017
9:45 am

Online ad claims Stoan Seate’s wife is a sex worker

Citizen Reporter

The ad says Dolly charges from R100 and also hosts her clients.

Stoan Seate. Gallo images

Someone this week posted an advert on a sex website claiming Stoan Seate’s wife, Dolly, was a prostitute and the Seates are not impressed. The couple was not impressed when Stoan started receiving calls from men who were asking for sexual favours from his wife as his cellphone number was put on the ad.

“We both thought it was a prank. But after numerous calls and raunchy SMSes from different guys, we knew it was serious,” Dolly told the Sunday Sun.

One of the callers told her he got Stoan’s number from the ad which also said she started charging from R100.

Stoan told the publication he was not moved at first but got angry when men started calling. But he said the effort to try and separate him from his wife was futile.

“I’ve been with my wife for 22 years and know her very well. So whoever is trying to stir trouble in my family should look somewhere else,” he told the publication.

Dolly said it was obvious whoever placed the ad online knew the couple and acted as if they were their friends.

The couple has since asked the website to take down the ad, citing it as a scam.