Ntsako Mthethwa
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21 Dec 2017
6:10 pm

Bonang’s fan throws shade at Somizi in spicy tweet!

Ntsako Mthethwa

Bonang finally gave her version of why their close relationship ended in her debut book, From A to B.

Bonang Matheba. Image: Instagram

The end of Somizi and Bonang Matheba’s friendship continued to make headlines in 2017, despite the former BFFs parting ways in late 2015.

Bonang finally gave her version of why their close relationship ended in her debut book, From A to B.

She claimed the Idols SA judge started talking to her abuser, which did not sit right with her.

Somizi accused Bonang of lying, and threatened her with legal action.

He had previously stated that Queen B cut all ties with him out the blue shortly after DJ Zinhle accused her of having an affair with her baby daddy Kieran ‘AKA’ Forbes.

Somizi says he then heard through the grapevine that Bonang believed he was the one who told Zinhle about the alleged affair – a claim he denies.

Things have been frosty between the two ever since, with Bonang even refusing to be in the same space as Somizi.

But that hasn’t stopped Somizi from talking about her.

He opened a can of worms recently when he gave his opinion on Bonang’s shocking resignation from Metro FM.

A listener asked him what he thought about Bonang resigning hours after her show got a new co-host, and he did not hold back.

“I am big on respecting everyone’s decisions but if it had to happen to me, I am a big believer in not burning bridges… I am not the type of person who storms out, especially professionally… I wouldn’t advise anyone to leave like that, but each to his own,” Somizi said on Metro FM’s Fresh Breakfast show.

We doubt Somizi was trying to throw shade, but Bonang’s fans are tired of him talking about her publicly, and have accused Somizi of being petty.

“Leave Bonang alone you old fart @somizi. You’re too old for this, the girl done moved on,” one Twitter user posted.



The tweep added that it was thanks to Bonang that Somizi’s “dead a*ss career” was reignited.

Some even used the hashtag, #LeaveBAlone, to slam Somizi.





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