Hope Winters
2 minute read
29 May 2018
11:19 am

Lady Zamar’s Miss SA outfit ripped to shreds by Twitter

Hope Winters

The singer was dragged on social media over her fashion sense.

Lady Zamar. Picture: Twitter

Lady Zamar found herself topping the Twitter trends list on Monday as Mzansi poked fun at the peach jumpsuit she wore to the Miss SA pageant.

The singer, who gave a rocking performance at the glitzy pageant on Sunday night, quickly became a major talking point on social media.

Thousands of people took to Twitter to share their opinions on Lady Zamar’s jumpsuit and decided that her designer should be shown the highway.

The peach jumpsuit had silver detail and a puffy addition on the one side of her sleeve. It was compared to all sorts of things, including an orange Teletubby, and her boots were compared to the Lucky Star tinned fish wrapper.

Taking to Twitter before the pageant, Lady Zamar shared pictures of her outfit and happily revealed that the designer behind it was PineNaple Designs.

Twitter didn’t show him any mercy, calling for him to go back to the drawing board or be sacked.

In the wake of the frenzy, the Charlotte hitmaker shared a screengrab of her name on the trends list and a cryptic tweet about being happy.

Here’s what Mzansi had to say:

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