Tinashe Venge
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19 Jul 2018
2:52 pm

More flight drama as AKA throws shade at SAA – again!

Tinashe Venge

Kiernan Forbes has taken aim at SAA after he noticed something peculiar about the airline’s choice of in-flight music.

AKA is upset again and this time it’s not because he’s beefing with another rapper

Instead, Kiernan Forbes is taking aim at SAA after he noticed something peculiar about the airline’s choice of in-flight music.

The rapper took to social media to vent his frustration on Tuesday afternoon and by the end of the day, his tweet was a talking topic around the country.

AKA called the airline out for not playing a playlist that consisted of nothing but South African artists

The rapper has never been shy to voice his support of local music and he challenged the national carrier to do the same.

Forbes took to Twitter to write: “Dear @flysaa, as I sit waiting to take off, Im wondering why the playlist while we board does not consist of solely 100% South African music. Please … It would be much appreciated (sic).”

To their credit, the SAA Care team (yes, the same one that sent Bonang a number of spicy remarks a couple of years ago) responded swiftly:


SAA’s spokesperson, Tlali Tlali, quickly got to work when he spoke to Tshisa Live about the national airline’s support of local music

He also touched on some of the challenges that a 100% local bouquet of music could present.

“There must be no doubt in the minds of our local artists about opportunities to showcase their music on our platforms. We support local content and will continue to carry it on our on-board platforms as part of our in-flight entertainment content. We are equally cognisant of the space in which we operate. We are a pan African airline with a global footprint. This means, we must accommodate preferences of all our customers.”

Last year, AKA took to social media to lament the airline’s ‘bad service’. The rapper also criticised the airline’s lack of local ambassadors, saying that it did not make him ‘feel valued as a South African’.

Do you think AKA’s complaint about local music is valid?

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