Kaunda Selisho
Lifestyle Journalist
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15 Jul 2021
3:14 pm

Letoya and Lebo will not be paying disgruntled Bolt driver

Kaunda Selisho

Letoya Makhene-Pulumo and her wife Lebo have no intention of paying a disgruntled Bolt driver they allegedly owe after he exposed them.

Letoya and Lebo say the only agreement they had with the Bolt driver was to transport their children to school while they were away. Picture: Instagram

Generations actress Letoya Makhene-Pulumo and her wife Lebo have responded to claims that they owe a Bolt driver money.

This after videos started circulating on social media on Sunday showing a convoy of Bolt drivers parked outside their home.

The unidentified woman filming the video claimed they were there to recover R5000 owed to them. It was unclear under what circumstances the bill was amassed. 

Daily Sun reported that Lebo and Letoya had denied owing the driver any money. 

According to the couple, the driver had his own agreement with their 20-year-old son whom he had been chauffeuring to parties without their consent or knowledge.

“I asked how he could transport kids to parties without talking to us as parents. I told him to get his money from the kid. How do you take a 20 year old partying and make it my problem? This has nothing to do with Letoya. She’s being targeted because she’s a celebrity,” said Lebo in defence of her partner.

The couple agreed that they had once entered into an agreement with the Bolt driver, however, that only covered the driver transporting their children to school.

This was due to the fact that they were from home after the passing of their grandmother.

“We had an agreement that he would transport our kids. I lost my grandmother and mother, and was in mourning. That is why we were at our home in Randfontein and asked him to take our kids to school,” said Letoya before adding that they had no intention of paying him.

“Maybe I would have tried to pay him but after ruining my name, I will not. He has exposed our place of business and where our son stays. He has stripped us naked,” said the Generations actress.

As a result of this, the couple said they had been living in fear since the incident. They had even stopped using social media.

ZAlebs reported that a Facebook user named Urifhe Muntswu claimed that Letoya used the Bolt driver to transport her to and from work without paying him.

“Every time he calls her, she does not answer the phone and this is what she says when he asked for his money. The Randfontein Bolt Association crew, therefore, decided to go to her place and she was not there.”

The group further claimed that they accompanied the disgruntled driver for moral support and that they were insulted by Letoya’s children, who reportedly told them “she has an important job and she cannot come home”.

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