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7 Sep 2021
1:31 pm

Bonang gifts friend R8,000 wallet from Louis Vuitton

Zoom Dosso

It's good to be friends with Bonang Matheba. She recently spent thousands on a luxury gift for popular SA publicist and friend.

Bonang Matheba has teased a possible new relationship. Picture:

Bonang Matheba makes taking on New York look easy but her followers are more interested in one thing during her stay in the US.

After setting her sights abroad, the media personality hasn’t missed a beat when it comes to her fashion choices, with her even being confused for actress Zoe Saldana.

The business side of her move is still up in the air but she’s still sharing lots of love with her friends back home. Recent;y, Bonang gifted friend and publicist Thulani “Toolz” Hadebe a pricey luxury gift for his birthday.

“I got a text from @bonang_m on my birthday, to go to Louis Vuitton [store] and get my gift. Wow! Wow! This is the most amazing gift! I have always wanted this. I can’t thank you enough, my love! I really appreciate this incredible gift,” he wrote on Instagram.

Bonang responded: “My friends deserve the best… You made my birthday [so] special this year!”

The Louis Vuitton checkered wallet retails from $560 (about R8,000) and above.

The comments on the Twitter post quickly turned into a hilarious conversation as to how people can become Bonang’s friend and get spoiled too.

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On Twitter, a user by the name @tumiaries asked if the media personality had a man. It seems people cannot come to terms with Bonang’s happiness in the Big Apple having nothing to do with a new relationship.

Her reaction was funny, to say the least.

The last time Bonang’s relationship was public knowledge was with Kiernan “AKA” Forbes. The two dated for about two years and their relationship was never without drama, particularly after they broke up.

AKA rapped on a few songs about her, some positive and negative. In a leaked video in 2018, he infamously freestyle, “waited two years just to see you with your weave off… What that say about your character, you was f**king me while I was paying damages”.

With time, the two eventually healed old wounds and are on better terms.

Bonang’s latest look has turned heads: a stunning black two-piece skirt and jacket outfit. It was accessorised with a Gedebe handbag by fashion designer Giuseppe Della Badia.