Renate Engelbrecht
Content producer
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13 Sep 2021
11:02 am

Hofmeyr still undecided on Covid-19 vaccine

Renate Engelbrecht

Steve Hofmeyr has been recovering from Covid-19 and says the solution to the whole debate might be not to talk about it at all.

Steve Hofmeyr fighting Covid-19. Picture: Facebook

Steve Hofmeyr, who has been very vocal about his thoughts regarding the coronavirus, says now that couples are getting divorced over the Covid-19 vaccine, it might be better not to talk about it at all.

“Take what you take, leave what you leave and don’t even tell your mother,” is the singer’s advice.

According to the Covid-19 survivor, if you would like to sidestep a divorce or fights with friends, there are a couple of topics that have now become off limits. These include: ivermectin, vaccines, oximeters, Covid-19 medication and boosters.

“All of the sudden, topics like church, politics and rugby are lambs,” says the singer.

Hofmeyr says not being able to talk about these topics is sad “because the real conversation is there where you don’t have to be too cautious about what you’re saying. Anything else is fake”.

The singer also says he is still not against the Covid-19 vaccine, but that he is careful when it comes to the vaccine’s “no liability” clause.

He struggles to understand how people who have been vaccinated can still be “super spreaders” and how it doesn’t bother others. He says he is grateful that he now has natural immunity, which gives him at least six months to decide about his first vaccine.

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In a Twitter post, which Hofmeyr shared on 17 August, he said that he believed that the protocols were a scam. In the same post, he said he believed that the virus existed and that he would take the jab but only when he is good and ready.

Hofmeyr says his Covid-19 rehab consists of light exercise like cleaning the swimming pool, planting flowers, washing the dishes, chasing chickens and fixing fences.

He kicked off September with contrasting emotions, celebrating his birthday and recovering from Covid-19, but also mourning the death of their domestic helper, Lina.

Ou Linatjie was our pilar of strength,” he wrote.  

Hofmeyr tested positive for Covid-19 in August and has been fighting an uphill battle with the ailment and its effects on his oxygen levels. He said it was the most distressing two weeks of his life.

On 8 September, the singer confirmed that he is ready to perform again.

“I know now that I will come back stronger than ever. Thank God. Looks like my vocal cords had too much rest. I am ready. Luckily, I have very few dance steps.”