Renate Engelbrecht
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28 Sep 2021
12:17 pm

It’s over: Hentie again ‘soek ’n vrou’ after calling it quits with Hantie

Renate Engelbrecht

Rooibos tea farmer, Hentie Kruger, and Hantie Fourie have drifted apart, eventually parting ways in June this year already.

Hentie and Hantie. Picture: Instagram

The fan-favourite Rooibos tea farmer, Hentie Kruger, 53, and his chosen Boer soek ’n Vrou partner, Hantie Fourie, 50, have decided to part ways, with Hentie saying that they lost each other along the way.

Hentie, one of the farmers of the matchmaking series‘ 12th season, initially admitted to Leah, the presenter of that season, that he would have chosen Hester as his partner, had she not decided to leave the farm. Still, Hantie gave Hentie a chance while knowing that he would have chosen someone else.

The Rooibos tea farmer spoke to Netwerk24 on Monday, confirming that they chose to part ways in June this year already, but that they kept in contact until about a month ago.

Farmer Hentie and Hantie were still together and happy when they attended the wedding of farmer Willem Pool and Sanel Prinsloo in May this year.

In August 2020, Hentie told Maroela Media that things were going very well and that Hantie had adapted to the farm life very well. They had moved in together on the farm outside of Clanwilliam where Hentie was the farm manager at the time.

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Still, no relationship comes without its challenges and the Covid-19 lockdown caused Hentie to lose his job. The couple moved into a two-bedroom rental house in Clanwilliam and since they split up, Hentie has moved to Strand where he still works in the Rooibos industry.

According to Netwerk24, Hentie did not waste any time, though as he has already tested out the world’s very first Afrikaans love app, Koer, of which actor Armand Aucamp is a co-founder. Hentie apparently tested the app out, with a profile that was active for a mere three days, and then removed his profile again.

Hantie was reluctant to comment on the matter and told Netwerk24 that she just wanted her life back. She said she would appreciate it if Boer Soek ’n Vrou fans would accept that.

“People change and life goes on.”