Renate Engelbrecht
Content producer
2 minute read
7 Oct 2021
10:36 am

Charlize Berg says ‘change your house into Fort Knox’ after break-in

Renate Engelbrecht

Afrikaans singer, Charlize Berg, has taken to Facebook reminding fans that they mustn’t forget that we live in South Africa after a housebreaking over the past weekend.

Charlize Berg. Picture: Facebook

The Gauteng-based singer and songwriter, Charlize Berg, known for her distinctive voice and songs like Braaf and Verspoel my, was in the Western Cape for her very first live performance since the inception of the Covid-19 lockdown, when burglars broke into her and her family’s house over the weekend.

“What a shock and wake-up call it was,” the South African Music Awards nominee writes in her post, captioning a photo of her and her red-head architect husband, Warren Linden.

She says that her heart sank into her shoes and feelings of hopelessness and discouragement came rolling in when they realised what had happened.

As the housebreaking took place while they were away, no one got hurt but Warren’s computer – which contained all of his work – got stolen among other things.

“Gone is our beloved TV, my beautiful kettle, our beautiful car and also my husband’s whole business that was on his computer.”

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She continues by saying that they didn’t even have insurance on everything that got stolen, and that just knowing that strangers had the audacity to break into their home and disturb their privacy had her furious.

“Well,” Berg writes, “it just made us realise again that we mustn’t forget that we live in South Africa!” She reminds her fans and followers that they must always make sure that their houses have been changed into Fort Knox.

“Security gates, armed response, alarms everywhere and family members looking after everything when you leave your home,” she suggests.

The singer and aspiring actress, who was born and raised in Centurion, and her husband, Warren welcomed their second child, a baby boy called Kyler into the world in April this year, making them a family of four. Kyler’s sister, Aleiah-Rose was born in May, 2018.