Renate Engelbrecht
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8 Nov 2021
2:47 pm

PICS: How cute was former Miss World Anneline Kriel as child?

Renate Engelbrecht

Anneline Kriel just shared a picture from her youth and with that stare, one can understand why she won Miss World in 1974.

Anneline Kriel on her sister's lap in Margate. Picture: Instagram

In a recent photo shared on Anneline Kriel’s Instagram profile, a young, innocent girl dressed in her Generaal Hertzog High School uniform and two ponytails, stares right through the camera.

That stare is but one of the many modelling attributes of the former Miss World and she’s had it from the start.

Anneline shared one of her baby photos on her Instagram feed in December last year as well, proving that she’s got the stare of a supermodel.

The beauty queen has clearly been delving through her archives lately and has been sharing photos from her youth every now and again. She is seen sitting next to her father in a family photo that she shared on Instagram, all dressed in white with a pretty bow in her hair.

In July, Anneline also shared a picture of herself as toddler, adjacent to a photo of herself with her Miss World crown to show the resemblance.

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Apparently, she’s been posing in front of the camera from a young age. In a photo from her teenage years, she poses in a yellow, floral bikini while flipping her hair back.

The former Miss World, who was born in 1955, was only 19 years old when she was crowned after the UK’s Helen Morgan resigned only four days after winning the pageant. Stepping up and taking her place as the world’s beauty queen came with a lot of responsibility at the time, as it took place amidst the apartheid regime, which saw Anneline facing various challenges.

Anneline was born in Pretoria but grew up and finished high school in Witbank, where her father was a prison officer. She later studied drama at the University of Pretoria, where her modelling career kicked off when she became Rag Queen and entered the Miss South Africa competition.