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Kaunda Selisho
Lifestyle Journalist
3 minute read
20 Nov 2021
7:23 pm

SA gets its first Mr Gay World South Africa ‘of colour’ in Bonginkosi Ndima

Kaunda Selisho

Bonginkosi Ndima from KZN is the new reigning Mr Gay World South Africa. He takes over the reigns from Mr Gay World Louw Breytenbach.

The new Mr Gay World South Africa Bonginkosi Ndima and Mr Gay World 2021 Louw Breytenbach | Picture: Supplied

When Louw Breytenbach snatched the Mr Gay World crown last month, he left a vacancy over at Mr Gay World South Africa. However, it wasn’t long before he handed that sash and crown over to Bonginkosi Ndima. 

Taking to social media to mark the occasion, Breytenbach congratulated his friend on his new title in addition to revealing the fact that Ndima is officially the first-ever Mr Gay World SA of colour.

“It is official… Mr Gay World with a sash and so so proud of my amazing friend Bongs Ndima for being crowned the new Mr Gay World South Africa – The first ever Mr Gay World SA of colour – and about time for that too!!! I am so proud of u Bongs. I couldn’t ask for a better brother,” wrote Breytenbach on social media. 

The official Mr Gay World South Africa page also congratulated Ndima in addition to introducing him to the world. 

“We wish to congratulate Bonginkosi Ndima from KZN as the new reigning Mr Gay World South Africa. He takes over the reign from our new Mr Gay World Louw Breytenbach,” wrote the organisation. 

“Bonginkosi is also the first person of colour to be crowned Mr Gay World SA, a landmark moment in history that moves the competition to a more inclusive and diverse community,” they added. 

According to the Mr Gay World South Africa page, Ndima is a reality television star who is working towards becoming a philanthropist with a view on becoming a mental health activist. 

“He holds a National Diploma in TV production [and] is a certified personal trainer [who] also studied digital marketing.”

Mamba Online reports that Ndima was born and raised in Eshowe in KwaZulu-Natal. He now travels between Johannesburg (where he is based) and his hometown frequently.

When asked about his win, he told the publication; “This is a huge honour for me. I’m ecstatic and I still can’t believe it, but mostly I am deeply humbled. I am not only filling big shoes, but I also believe I’ve just made history too – as the first man of colour to hold the title. That’s a lot to take in!” 

Mr Gay World South Africa 2021
The new Mr Gay World South Africa Bonginkosi Ndima | Picture: Supplied

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Speaking to the publication about the significance of his win, Ndima called it “ground-breaking” and added that he hopes it would be inspirational to others. 

“I hope that in the future this will encourage more black queer folks to take part, be involved, and have a voice. But mostly to solidify that being gay is not un-African and that it does exist in our culture.”

When asked why he believes it taken so long for Mr Gay World South Africa to have a title-holder of colour, Ndima chalks it up to exposure. 

“Not a lot of people know about the competition, especially black gay men. Although, I believe there are a few black faces who entered but didn’t make it to the top. Those who knew probably didn’t want to expose themselves. Most of us grew up under a patriarchal upbringing, which doesn’t allow one to appear ‘weak’ by appearing in a pageant. I’m glad I am here to refute and change that stereotype. I am a black, strong, gay man.”