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5 Dec 2021
7:39 am

Amanda du Pont to open rape case against rapper Jub Jub

Citizen Reporter

Du Pont's lawyer is putting together a very strong case against rapper Jub Jub as more victims stepped forward.

Amanda du-Pont has made several damaging claims against Jub Jub. Picture: Instagram

Amanda Du Pont’s lawyer confirmed the former Skeem Saam actress would be opening a rape case against rapper Jub Jub (Molemo Maarohanye).

Earlier this week, du-Pont posted a heartrending video on Instagram and urged other victims to speak out against Jub Jub, and more women have since stepped forward.

Amanda Du Pont speaks out

Rape, not ‘smash’

The video was in reaction to Jub Jub boasting on Podcast and Chill how he “smashed” Du Point, and later cheated on her with Kelly Khumalo.

Du Point hit back by saying he didn’t “smash” her, he physically abused and repeatedly raped her during their two-year relationship.

She said her only crime at the time was to “brush this under the carpet and not say anything for so long”, but that’s about change.

Du Pont to file rape charges

As reported by The Sunday Times, Du Pont’s lawyer Tony Mathe said the actress “is prepared to take this matter forward and to have the perpetrator account for what he has done”.

“We can confirm that having consulted with our client, there will be a case open soon enough. We can’t give the specific date at this current time, but we can confirm that a case will be opened”.

“Currently we can confirm that the main charge that we will be pursuing is the charge of rape. It will be upon the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) to add other charges, should they see fit”.

More rape allegations against Jub Jub

Mathe said the legal team is “putting together a very strong case [and] considering various factors” to ensure the case isn’t compromised.

Three other women reached out to Mathe, seeking legal assistance to file rape allegations against Jub Jub

“They are all saying Jub Jub raped them,” Mathe said.

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Du Pont and Jub Jub’s relationship

Questions mounted as to why Du Pont stayed for so long, despite the actress explaining she had feared for her life if she left the abusive relationship. In her video, she explained:

“I left you because you tried to kill me. You literally suffocated me.”

Du Pont said she also had an “abortion because, of course, there is no way I would have a child that was forcefully given to me”.

Back then, she also tried to lay a charge at the police station but the officer did not assist her because “too many women go back to their abuser”.

As reported by The Citizen earlier this week, the case has led to growing calls for our justice system to support and listen to victims.

Additional reporting by Sandisiwe Mbhele.