Sandisiwe Mbhele
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21 Dec 2021
9:56 am

Watch: ‘There’s a lot of hate in America’- Trevor Noah

Sandisiwe Mbhele

Trevor Noah talked about the 'hate' he experiences in the US, his personal life, his 'maybe girlfriend' and future fatherhood plans.

'The Daily Show' host Trevor Noah touched on a vast number of topics during his interview on CBS '60 Minutes'. Picture: Instagram

Comedian Trevor Noah’s sit-down interview on CBS news is gaining a lot of attention, as the South African extensively talked about his lived experience as a black man in America.

Speaking to Lesley Stahl on 60 Minutes, The Daily Show host talked about his career and the reception he received after taking over from Jon Stewart in 2014.

Stahl says what stuck with her was Trevor’s words that there was “real hate” aimed at him when he moved to the United States.

When asked if he was ever pulled over by the cops, Trevor answered that he had been pulled over frequently by the police.

“One of my best friends, David Mayer would drive all over the west coast to these comedy shows. If I was driving, we would get pulled over, if he drove we wouldn’t get pulled over.”

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Noah says the hate he felt was a “welcome to America” greeting, Stahl said the statement was “harsh.”

“There’s a lot of hate in America because there is a lot of anger in America. For me, it’s figuring out how do I speak to someone who hates me,” he explained.

The interview then turned to the topic of controversial comedian Dave Chappelle whose latest Netflix special, The Closer caused fury amongst the LGBTQIA+ community who deemed his stand up show transphobic, misogynistic and ignorant.

When asked if Chappelle crossed the line, Trevor said it immediately puts him in a position to choose a side, when he thinks the matter is far more complex.

“Clearly America is divided because half of America says ‘Dave Chappelle we loved what you said, we sick of wokeness, we sick of people being told what to say, we sick of not knowing to use the right pronoun, you right Dave Chappelle’.”

He went on to explain that the other half is saying he is wrong which means there is no line, “it means that society is seeing the line from two different sides, that’s why I say you can’t say he crossed the line because the side you are looking at the line from defines whether or not he crossed it.”

Noah has kept his personal life private, but after his last public relationship was with actress Minka Kelly, Trevor says he is not sure if he wants to have children.

“Sometimes I would meet kids and go I want a kid and sometimes I meet a kid and I hope my sperm doesn’t do anything because this person is a terror, ” he joked.

Asked if he is currently seeing someone Trevor answered “maybe”, adding he doesn’t like talking about his past relationships.

Stahl also sat down with The Daily Show comedy producers David Kibuuka and Ryan Harduth.