Sandisiwe Mbhele
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23 Dec 2021
10:16 am

Cassper Nyovest delivers a R100K beating, asks ‘who’s crying now?’

Sandisiwe Mbhele

Cassper Nyovest outmatched his opponent Slik Talk, and the rapper already has a next opponent lined up in Naak Musiq.

Cassper Nyovest's fight against podcaster Slik Talk was watched at one point by over 100,000 people live on YouTube. Picture: Instagram

Rapper Cassper Nyovest may be known as “Mr Showbiz” after the boxing match antics between himself and Slik Talk on Wednesday evening.

Thousands tuned in to the YouTube live stream of the fight which at its peak had over 100,000 people watching. The fight, however, started over an hour late, after 9pm.

By the time things started, it very much looked like Cassper was going to knock out his opponent in the first round. Somehow Slik Talk managed to survive two rounds, despite looking like this was the first time he had ever made a fist, never mind try to box.

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The podcaster struggled to keep his balance during the fight and barely landed any punches. Cassper looked much better prepared, and despite obviously not being a professional boxer, landed some haymakers and dominated his opponent.

Slik Talk eventually gave in and threw in the towel despite the crowd chanting, “we want more.” And despite suffering a TKO, the loser was still given the promised R100 000 prize money.

This is just a glimpse of how the fight went.

As many celebrity boxing matches go, there were familiar faces ringside such as Lasizwe, Big Zulu, and Faith Nketsi.

Many celebrities and fans applauded Cassper for keeping the industry entertained, and there were some suggestions that these boxing matches could also even become a lucrative new venture for the musician.

There were however complaints about the bad sound of the live stream, the long delay and the low-cost production of the fight.

Master KG said Slik Talk should be applauded for showing up and walking the talk.

“Please give it up to Slik Talk for making it into this fight! Many just and never act,” he tweeted.

Inevitably the fight has led to many memes and Cassper already has his next opponent, DJ and actor Anga Makubalo popular known as Naak Musiq.

Cassper wasted no time after the fight to continue throwing jabs after his win and addressed the comments that the fight was unfair.

“Of course, it was unfair, Slik Talk can’t box, and he was out of shape. I was out of shape too.”

His next fight with Naak Musiq has been set for April 8, 2022, in Sun City and Cassper is already talking a big game.

“Make sure you come right and hard. Your muscles aren’t going to help when I knock your f**king head off. “

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