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24 Dec 2021
8:31 pm

It’s Andile vs Cassper in battle of the McLarens

Citizen Reporter

'If I explain the difference, nigg*s will say I'm hating so I'll just let this one go. Shap Boyz. On to the next! #MclarenBoysWorldWide,' said the musician.

Andile Mpisane

Cassper Nyovest’s name has been the talk of the Twitter streets this week after his boxing match with Slik Talk, and now his “fun fact” that has left social media in a frenzy.

A week ago, Cassper bought himself a McLaren Gt and shared the news with his followers on social media.

“Happy birthday to myself. I didn’t grow up with a silver spoon. I build this life from nothing but prayer and hard work. Parents raised me to believe in myself and they made me feel I was chosen. This is for all the kids in the hood who dare to dream! Anything is possible! The Don Billiato,” cASSPER said.

Not long after that, a rumour started doing the rounds on social media that Cassper did not buy the car himself, but was only an ambassador of the brand.

Cassper only laughed off the rumours, insisting that he bought it and that the rumours came from a place of jealousy.

On Friday, Cassper even got Andile Mpisane’s attention claiming to be the only person in the country with a McLaren Gt.

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“Fun fact: I’m the first nigga to buy the McLaren Gt in South Africa and the only one who actually owns 1. The next person to buy the car which is only gonna be on sale in February, please tag me. We’ll be the only 2 people with the car in South Ah. #MclarenBoysWorldWide. This information was given to me by McLaren South Africa so I dare you to show me someone else. Please don’t go hiding after this tweet cause we need receipts. Don’t worry, ill wait!”

In response, Andile posted a video of his gold McLaren 350 and now social media is busy trying to explain the difference between the two cars.

“If I explain the difference, nigg*s will say I’m hating so I’ll just let this one go. Shap Boyz. On to the next! #MclarenBoysWorldWide,” said Cassper.