Kaunda Selisho
Lifestyle Journalist
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29 Dec 2021
1:49 pm

‘What does Mampintsha have to say?’ – Fans weigh in on Babes Wodumo vs. Makhadzi

Kaunda Selisho

Fans are impressed with how Makhadzi responded to Babes Wodumo's tirade and have instructed the musician to speak to her husband.

Makhadzi | Picture: Screenshot

In a weird and unexpected turn of events, musician Babes Wodumo recently launched a verbal attack on fellow musician Makhadzi.

In her rant, which has been shared on Twitter, TikTok and Instagram, Babes Wodumo can be seen sitting in what looks like a recording studio.

At first, it was unclear what upset her, but in certain clips, she can be heard accusing Makhadzi of putting the moves on her husband, Mandla “Mampintsha” Maphumulo.

Babes Wodumo goes on the claim that Makhadzi‘s ex-boyfriend, Jerusalema hitmaker Master KG had once hit on her, and added that she could have slept with him if she wanted to, but she just did not want to.

“I will find you and I will beat you,” said Babes Wodumo while speaking in Isizulu and slurring her words.

“How can you sleep with your friend’s man?” asks Babes Wodumo before repeatedly threatening to beat the person she’s talking about.

“How can you go for Mampintsha? As fat as he is? Stupid girl with no future. Call the police! I will beat you and you will regret it.”

Babes concluded her clip by calling the person she is talking about “a b***h with no future.”

After catching wind of what was said about her, Makhadzi laughed off Babes’ accusations, stating that Mampintsha did not have what it takes to satisfy her.

She then reminded fans that she has a partner, and rhetorically asked what he would think after finding out that she was trending because of another man.

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Later that evening, she recorded a video explaining what angered Babes Wodumo.

“All I want to say to Babes Wodumo, I want to tell you that I respect you and I respected you even before because you made it in this industry before I can make it, that’s point number one.

“And for the fact that I came to your studio and you traumatised me with your behaviour… What you were doing with your boyfriend in the studio, fighting!” began the Ghanama singer.

“I went there for a studio session, only to find out that you guys are fighting. I almost waited five hours for Mampintsha to put a verse because you were busy fighting with him while he was looking at me.”

Makhadzi went on to state that she had no control over what Mampintsha chose to do, and reminded Babes that her problem was with her husband and that she needed to address him directly and sort it out with him.

She said that she was disappointed that that’s how her first meeting with Babes turned out, but added that she kept the events of that day a secret out of respect for Babes.

“I thought whatever was happening was a stunt but now I can tell, it’s like you mean it. You are insecure with your man…”

“The reason you are doing why you are doing what you are doing is because Mampintsha likes women. He wants every woman and you can’t control him.”

Fans were impressed by how she chose to shut down Babes’ attack and shared their thoughts on the matter on social media: