Lethabo Malatsi
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12 Jan 2022
4:42 pm

‘Bullsh** and lies’ – Cassper Nyovest addresses MacG podcast claims

Lethabo Malatsi

"I try my best to keep my family away from the BS and the lies but still. The worst thing is you can't do anything about it.”

Picture: Twitter

Hot on the heels of his month-long hiatus, MacG jumped straight into 2022 by continuing to say the most outrageous things about people of a prominent stature.

As a result, rapper Cassper Nyovest has had to respond to recent allegations made by the podcast host on episode 314 of his popular show, Podcast and Chill with MacG.

The podcast founder and former radio DJ is known for saying the most controversial things on his podcast; and this time it has to do with Cassper Nyovest and other celebrities, Kamo Mphela, Andile Mpisane and Cassper’s girlfriend and the mother of his child Thobeka ‘Bexx’ Majozi.

In the last few minutes of this past week’s episode, MacG claimed that there had been an alleged tryst between Andile Mpisane and Thobeka, much to the surprise of his co-host, Sol Phenduka.

He also claimed that there had been something romantic going on between the 31-year-old rapper and Andile’s rumoured “side piece” Kamo Mphela, who is an Amapiano singer and dancer.

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MacG’s claims also came as shock to “the chillers” – fans of the podcast – as what he had to say was unexpected. He then added that this was something he was told by someone he knows.

The fact that he boldly made such a claim shouldn’t come as a surprise, however, as the former South African radio DJ is not one to shy away from anything – whether it is being threatened to be “cancelled” or just trending on Twitter timelines.

Twitter had a field day with the allegations made by the 33-year-old and ran with them, while others said they’ve had enough of his penchant for people’s business on his show.

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After remaining relatively silent on the issue, the rapper addressed it on Tuesday when he responded to a tweet sent by a fan. This after Cassper tweeted:

“Nobody cares anymore. People just say and do things for traction. It’s wild. I fear for the ones we are raising. The ones we have to teach. What will they learn from us?”

“MacG always does this. He doesn’t research anything. That whole Wayne Rooney thing was also a lie. He can’t even name his source because he knows it’s all a lie. He’ll do anything for clout,” responded @vandie_m after assuming that Cassper’s initial tweet was about MacG.

“I try my best to keep my family [away] from the BS (bullsh**} and the lies but still. The worst thing is you can’t do anything about it,” Cassper responded.

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