Renate Engelbrecht
Content producer
3 minute read
26 May 2022
1:17 pm

J’Something and Coco – ‘You guys have a child?’

Renate Engelbrecht

Fans and followers of J’Something couldn’t contain their excitement when he shared what seems to be the first photo of him as a dad.

J'Something in what seems to be the first image of him as a dad. Image: Facebook

Mi Casa‘s J’Something surprised his fans with what seems to be the first photo of him as a dad.

“Thank you for making this life the best life I could have ever hoped for,” he wrote on Instagram. In the photo he is sitting on the ground, holding a baby, and smiling like only a new dad can.

“I love you my homie,” he continues. “I love you with every ounce of me. Yes, I would die for you, but I know that every day I live for you.” He also added the mysterious hashtag, #MSomething.

In his post, J’Something (who was born in Portugal) also included a sentence in Portuguese: “Parabéns meu filho o papa é o teu maior fan.” The word ‘filho’ can be translated to son in English, which not only indicates that he’s a dad, but also that he is dad to a boy.

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This follows his post about another addition to what he calls the gang. “Meet Ragnar Lothbrok, our new little bundle of joy (besides him eating Coco’s stuff)! He is an #AmericanBully XL. Here he was a couple weeks old. I’ll share some pics of him now soon. I’ve been keen on a new best friend since losing Charlie. Needed time to heal first. Felt ready to embrace a new homie.”

J’Something and his wife, Coco, have been married since 2016 and are one of Msanzi’s favourite and most-followed couples. Fans have been following their every move and yet, no one seems to have known that Coco was expecting. There is no evidence to be seen on either their social media feeds of a pregnancy and according to various sources, the couple is rather secretive about their personal life.

“What you guys have a child?” one fan asked in the comments section to the same post on Facebook. Another confused fan said: “Did I miss something? When did this happen? So sweet. Congrats!”

J’Something and Coco celebrated six years of matrimony in October last year and they are clearly still very much in love.

“I want to film our whole lives together… every single moment,” J’Something wrote in a recent post on Instagram. “Just so I can hopefully replay it all when we get to heaven.” He added that he loved her and that she rocks his world.