Kaunda Selisho
Lifestyle Journalist
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15 Jun 2022
5:18 pm

Nota attacks Sol Phenduka for getting another job

Kaunda Selisho

Many have been wondering what Sol Phenduka's new job at Kaya FM means for his role at the popular Podcast & Chill show.

Nota called Sol Phenduka a sellout and went on a verbal rampage against him for getting another job | Picture: Instagram

Since finding out that broadcaster Sol Phenduka had scored a gig at Kaya FM alongside Dineo Ranaka, many have been wondering about what this means for his role at the popular Podcast & Chill show, which he co-hosts with Macgyver ‘MacG’ Mukhwevo.

Before even confirming what his new job meant for his old one, music industry veteran and controversial pop culture commentator Nota Baloyi took to Twitter to lambaste Sol. 

“Always knew @Solphendukaa was a sellout… I warned MacG that he’ll entertain radio offers & soon he’ll choose between us chillers that saved his broadcasting career & the corporations that want to kill the podcast platform. Stupid choice but congrats to @dineoranaka! #SolDOut,” tweeted Nota. 

“Let’s not forget that it was Sol who caused Old Mutual to throw the Podcast under the bus. The man cost the podcast millions in advertising, but MacG was too loyal to Sol to see that the man was just using Podcast & Chill to get himself back on radio. Well done you fooled us all!” he added.

Sol’s move was announced late on Tuesday evening, as Kaya FM listeners await to hear what will happen to station favourites Thomas Msengana and Skhumba. 

Speaking of Thomas and Skhumba, MacG and Sol spoke about the drama pertaining to the two and MacG asked Sol who he thinks should replace them, wo which he answered coyly, knowing what was coming. 

Addressing Sol directly, Nota publicly questioned whether or not he should invite him to a Twitter Space (a live audio broadcast) to question him about his decision.

“You late. @MusaKhawula already has a space running right now and it’s well balanced with Objective voices like @GodPenuel making contributions. The discourse on there has decorum. You’ve called me names and insulted me on the TL all morning and you think you’ll summon me? No,” responded Sol. 

Another Kaya FM host, Sizwe Dhlomo, weighed in on the conversation, adding “Mac doesn’t even give a sh!t about all this…”

“We are here laughing,” tweeted Sol in response to Sizwe.