Sandisiwe Mbhele
Lifestyle Journalist
2 minute read
14 Jul 2022
12:22 pm

‘Is Bonang promoting make-up remover?’ Twitter users react to Nivea advert

Sandisiwe Mbhele

What irked some commentators on Twitter was the fact that Bonang Matheba had a full on face beat, and then apply the cream on top of the make-up.

Bonang Matheba seen in the Nivea advert. Picture: Instagram

Beauty, skincare and anti-ageing advertising is perceived to have come a long way. 

Years prior, it was a norm to have magazine spreads and television ads showing models and celebrities overly photoshopped and touched up to convince consumers that their products work.

However, people weren’t fooled, some of these faces never had prior skin problems or anti-ageing concerns, it seems Nivea went back to the industry’s old bag of tricks with their new promotional ad with Bonang Matheba. 

Announcing her as their latest face for their new Luminious 630 range, an anti-ageing skincare range, Bonang posted an Instagram reel unboxing Nivea’s products. 

The media personality says she has been trying to find new ways to keep her skin healthy and radiant, particularly during the season of winter.

Matheba says people recommended Nivea and the brand decided to send her the Luminous 630 range.

“Apparently this product can reduce 10 years of dark marks in only four weeks,” she says. 

The award-winning TV presenter says she is convinced, however, she hasn’t started using the products as yet.

Matheba will take her fans on her four-week progress of using the range. She will document the experience and show the results a month from now.

“From the pics I’ve seen, the results speak for themselves,” she wrote. 

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What irked some commentators on Twitter was the fact that Bonang had a full on face beat, and then applied the cream on top of the make-up.

Some wondered why was she promoting the range if she hadn’t tried it or wasn’t willing to go bare face. 

However, her fans came to her defence, saying the multi-conglomerate company is known for promoting their skin products with models or celebrities in full face make-up.

Twitter users shared previous advertising campaigns demonstrating how they have done this before, and that it wasn’t Matheba’s fault, rather it was Nivea’s.  

Bonang’s promotional video already has over 370 000 views on her Instagram account and her influence is clearly shown, as fans said they were going to try and purchase the Luminous 630 range with her. A marketing tool that has clearly worked for both parties. 

The Citizen has asked for a comment from Nivea and is waiting for a response.