A glimpse into Dr Sindi van Zyl’s world of parenting

As a mother of two, Dr Sindi van Zyl says raising children is a huge responsibility and a privilege.

The country’s most beloved Afropolitan, Dr Sindi van Zyl, shares with us why cuddles are one of her favourite things and what her biggest mom guilt. We believe a lot of moms will relate to this one. As a mother of two, she shares a glimpse of her parenting world with us.

Being a mom is …. a huge responsibility. You don’t grasp it until this baby is in your arms. You look down at this little face and realise that you are responsible for shaping this life. A responsibility and a privilege.

The last time I gagged because of my child was when… one of my children was unwell and vomited. I am very squeamish. I struggle with vomit and stool. Like really struggle. I had to clean everything up and it was a challenge of note.

The last time I cried was when my child… one of my children was being bullied at school. I was so mad. I drove to my cousin’s place in Pretoria at 2am to discuss the matter. I cried on the way because I was so angry. After the meeting with my cousin, I went straight to the school and resolved the matter. My cousin is cool and calm so she told me what to say and how to say it. Otherwise there would have been drama!

My advice to other moms would be… is not to stress too much about anything. There is no manual for mommyhood. We are all winging it! Some days are good and others days are bad. Some days are fun. Others are a nightmare. Do the best that you can!

My favourite part about being a mom is… is the cuddles. I’m soft and squishy and my children love lying on top of me!

The biggest challenge is… is not beating yourself up when things don’t go well. I have had to learn that it’s okay for things to go wrong with my children. Nothing is perfect and it doesn’t have to be.

My biggest mom guilt is when… buying nice food and eating it in the car before I get home! I can’t tell you how many times I have had Häagen-Dazs ice-cream on the way home.

My success as a parent is measured by… the kindness that my children display to others. I have observed my children from a distance with other people or children. I have kind children and I couldn’t ask for more

The most important affirmation I say to my child is… “God loves you.”

The most important behaviour/attitude I mirror for my child is… Kindness. I am kind. And that’s all I want my children to be. Kind.

My work-life balance as a working mom is… There is no work-life balance. It’s not possible but what I do have is a supportive husband, family, and a small circle of friends who pitch in when I need help

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