Boity opens up about that Def Jam record deal, and authenticity with Azania

The media personality says she laughs at people who thought she would've turned out a has-been by now.

Boity Thulo has opened up about important milestones in her 10-year career, including reaching four million Instagram followers and being signed to Def Jam Records.

Four million followers

The television personality-turned-rapper recently celebrated having four million followers on the social media network and expressed how grateful she was for this.

Speaking to Azania on her 702 show, Boity credited her success to simply being herself, instead of pretending to be someone else to impress people.

“Human beings can pick up authenticity and when you’re being organic. One of the things that have worked for me is just being consistent with being authentic with the content I put up on social media. I’m not afraid to show all sides of me so there’s also an aspect of relatability.”

Def Jam Records

Last month, Universal Music Group announced the launch of Def Jam Africa – a new label division within the continent dedicated to representing the best hip-hop, Afrobeats and trap talent in Africa.

Among some of the artists who were signed to the label were Boity, Cassper Nyovest, Nasty C and |Nadia Nakai.

Boity expressed her shock when she was asked to join the label, saying she was left “gobsmacked”.

“I had an existing relationship with Universal so when they told me they were extending to Def Jam Africa, I knew about it but I didn’t know they were considering me to be a part of it, because I’m just three singles in and [thought that I] have to wait my turn.”

She is extremely grateful for the opportunity which will further her career and serves as further affirmation that she is on the right path.

“I have a bigger reach in terms of where I take my music, throughout Africa into Europe, America, even Asia,” she said.

Industry competition

The entertainment industry is fuelled by competition; artists need to fight to be the best and prove they belong.

When asked about how she deals with the hierarchy within the hip-hop genre, Boity explained that she is completely focused on herself at the moment.

“I haven’t gotten to that space where I’m thinking around numbers or getting to a certain position. I’m still at that phase where I’m feeding the yearning of why I started.”

Is she happy with the route she’s taking or with how her music sounds instead of worrying about being number one?

“I have a great team and that plays a role as well,” she added.

10 years of highs and lows

Boity has been in the business for 10 years now, which is quite impressive considering she’s only 30 years old.

“It’s bottom of the barrel in every single way, because I know who I am and I work so hard at being a good person.

“From people saying horrible things about you to reading articles that aren’t true about you, it just contributes towards people wanting to see your downfall.”

However, the rapper has taken the negativity in her stride, citing that her high point was moving forward and seeing people being shocked at how far she’s come.

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