‘A little bit of grey is quite sexy’: Cindy Nell opens up about ageing

Former Miss South Africa Cindy Nell-Roberts opens up about her experience with turning grey and how she is welcoming this natural process.

Former Miss South Africa and CEO of Cosmetics SA Cindy Nell-Roberts, opened up to her Instagram followers about going grey.

On Tuesday morning, on her Instagram page, she asked her fans to send her questions, promising to answer the top 10 questions she’s asked.

Cindy was crowned Miss South Africa 2002 and was the Miss Universe runner-up in 2003.

Her fans did not miss this chance and asked her the questions they have been curious about for a while.

Cindy Nell-Roberts’ perspective on going grey

One of her followers, Janey, did not beat around the bush and went straight to the question. She asked Cindy how she felt about going grey since she’s approaching her 42nd birthday in November and if she’s struggling with the idea of having grey hair.

“It’s mildly annoying some days but if you see the other side of the glass rather full, your hair is strong and growing fast. I colour with a translucent root cover,” replied Cindy to her fan.

After sharing her initial thoughts on her grey hair, she went on to provide more details about her feelings regarding it.

“So my grey turn into highlights. In my 50s I will probably embrace the look and honestly look forward to it but right now 42 is too young and I am not ready for it yet,” she stated.

Embracing the ageing process

Establishing a personal connection with her fans, Nell continues to delve into her emotions about the aging journey.

She expresses her fondness for growing older while also enjoying her current age.

“I absolutely love getting older though but enjoying this age where you are still young enough to be hot and youthful but already wise and experienced.

“I’ve never felt stronger and better physically. I colour every month with a hairdresser. Cover up tips: The L’Oreal root spray or even an old metallic eyeshadow work for those in between times. I think a little bit of grey is quite sexy. Enjoy it,” she told her fans.

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