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Doting Dad Dube

Renowned actor Desmond Dube worked himself up from his youth as a homeless boy wondering the streets of Johannesburg, but he hasn't forgotten this challenging time in his life and is a firm believer in staying humble.

Now a successful actor, comedian, and family man, Dube is a dedicated father to his three daughters and says he disapproves of men who boast about having numerous children but then don’t devote any time to their upbringing.

Speaking to the Daily Sun, he explained that he takes his role as a father seriously. “I insist on taking my kids to school myself,” he said.

“My work can limit my time with my children and taking them to school gives me the opportunity to be close to them. I love being a father.”

Lamenting the impudence of men who are irresponsible in their decision to have children, he added: “And those same men often don’t have time for them, but they have time to go around boasting they have seven or 10 kids.”

Dube also opened up about his difficult life as a youngster, an experience that has stayed with him over the years.

“I remember the security guard who sneaked me in at the YMCA in Braamfontein so that I could wash and the doorkeeper at the Pink Cadillac club in Hillbrow who let us sleep in the club. Those experiences teach you to have a deep respect for others,” said the actor.

“Today, I am passionate about helping those who are less fortunate than me. I understand where they come from.

“I believe that even if you have climbed a few steps upwards you must remain respectful. In every step of life, you get there through other people.

“I’m grateful that I can give my family the life I never had.”

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