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‘I thought married life and family wasn’t for me’ – Mome Mahlangu opens up about miscarriage

In a detailed post on Instagram, the businesswoman and reality star Mome, whose married to controversial retired comedian Toll A$$ Mo, said her repeated setbacks lead her to think building a family wasn't meant for her.

Businesswoman and former reality star Mome Mahlangu has shed light onto her struggles of conceiving a second child.

Popularly known as just Mome, both her and husband, retired comedian Mongezi “Tol A$$ Mo” Ngcobondwane, have been subject to much criticism from the public, after rising to fame through the V-Entertainment reality show Hanging with Mome and Toll A$$ Mo in 2012.

She joined the chorus of public figures, which include international stars Chrissy Teigen and Meghan Markle, sharing their personal experiences of infertility and miscarriages, .

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She has hit back at critics who say women sharing their experiences is ‘depressing’, and wrote: “There’s a stigma to anything in life but it’s how we respond to it that sets us free, yes it’s depressing to constantly carry short term, it’s painful when u don’t have support, in our culture u have to be cleansed after these encounters, I did a few times.”

Mome says women need to find their strength, ‘shut everything out’ and work on their healing.

“…When it happened the second time I thought maybe this marriage and building a family is not meant for me, little did I understand that beautiful things don’t fall from a tree some u will have to share the blood and tears for u to receive in abundance…. you may not be the creator of your wounds but u are responsible for your healing… I took a journey of healing the Mind-body and soul.” (sic)

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Mome’s husband Mongezi has been embroiled in an ongoing court battle since 2020, with model Lerato Moloi who laid rape charges against him.

Mome has previously spoken out regarding the allegations, and referred to the public as a “kangaroo court” before adding: “I’m not sure why I’m being bullied cause yes I will support my husband until he is proven guilty, not by Twitter.”

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