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Katy Perry had three-month alcohol break

Katy Perry went on a three-month break from alcohol and watched back-to-back episodes of British sitcom 'Absolutely Fabulous' during a difficult emotional time during the last two years.

Katy Perry went on a three-month break from alcohol during a difficult emotional time.

The 29-year-old singer – who split from comedian Russell Brand in December 2011 after just 14 months of marriage – has revealed she put on a brave face, quit drinking and watched back-to-back episodes of British sitcom ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ to get her through some dark days in the past two years.

She said: ”I do a couple of the hot toddies and a box set of ‘Ab Fab’ … I love a bit of Patsy. You know I did a lot of different things, I surrounded myself with my good friends, I did this whole cleanse where I didn’t have any of the alcohol for three months – that was devastating – I did vitamins and supplements, and hikes and meditation and prayer.

”But I think at the end of it all, as much as the things I did, I think there was something cosmically happening that was looking out for me in some ways, but I was putting my best positive foot forward.”

The brunette beauty – who is now dating John Mayer – suffered from confidence issues during the tough period, but admits she can now laugh and joke about it because she is in a much happier place.

Speaking on an episode of British chat show ‘Alan Carr: Chatty Man’, which will air tonight (20.12.13), she added: ”It’s fun to laugh at it now, it wasn’t fun to laugh at it then. You know, I was going through a period where a lot of negative thoughts were entering my mind, obviously they did not succeed, but I had my confidence kind of beaten down.

”It’s a record of me going inside, and a lot of self-reflection and figuring out like, where can I make areas of myself better, or what responsibility can I take?

”Rather than pointing the finger and saying, ‘You’re the problem,’ or, ‘You’re the reason for all my problems,’ or ‘You’re awful; my life is awful.’ I go, ‘OK, how can I fix this?’ So yeah, it was not fun.”

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